Photographs and memories of your pet

You are probably a pet lover like myself and likely have a dog or a cat or perhaps another pet that you want to take a picture of so you can share it online or keep your photo for display.  The hardest part may be taking the photo and catching your pet in a few great photos.  You might want to carry a camera with you or just take a picture with your cell phone camera if you catch a special moment.  You can also have a pet photo taken by a professional photographer or do it yourself and can follow some of the tips below.

A few tips about pet photography 

First, think about the type of photo you want of your pet.  Should your pet be just lying on the sofa, running at a dog park, or climbing a cat pole?  Regardless, it is just as important to keep in mind the background that will be in the picture since that can greatly take away from a photo.  Do you want a memory of your pet with the background being a favorite spot that you and your pet frequently go such as a local lake or should the photo include other family members?.


Second, consider the type camera you have and if it can capture you pet running at full speed.  Also, think ahead about lighting.  Photos take outside in daylight are usually much easier but you can always try to maximize light indoors rather than you straight on flash from your camera.  .

pet print memory

Lastly, practice taking photos of your pet.  With so many digital cameras in use today, you can see the actual picture you have taken almost immediately.  Check to see how it looks and if it is clear and the background is not distracting.  You may be able to quickly take another picture to create a better shot.  As you get more familiar, there will be times they you will know this could make a great picture.  Just remember your camera.

Keeping memories of your pet in oil paintings

I know it is great to have photographs of your pet to have and to keep as memories, but there is another way to display a photo now and keep memories now and forever.  Your photo of your pet can be enlarged as a picture  or have the photo done in an oil painting or a painting on canvas.  You can also choose to have these framed if you want.  Just consider a large oil painting or your entire family with your pets.

My first dog, a golden retriever that I adopted, passed on age eleven in 2013 and is waiting at the rainbow bridge. I wish I had many more pictures of her but I am going to have a painting done of her alongside the dog I recently adopted.   Yes, the artists that do the painting can combine photos of two pets in different photographs into one oil painting, and may also be able to work from a damaged photo.

While some people may think of doing this for a family portrait, or after a wedding or a baby, or of the entire family, some people have this memory of their pet(s) and best friend. If you are interested in having your pet print to an oil painting, from a size ranging from an 8×10 up to a 24×30 inch, please click Painting.   I wish you and your family, including your pet(s) the best of health and a long life